This image is the cover for the book Sydney in Colour

Sydney in Colour

Sydney is one of the world's most vibrant yet youngest global cities. While renowned for its iconic Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach, another side opens up as you wander the city. This is the true heart of Sydney. Its history, architecture and pieces of the unique Australian life all abound. This book seeks to capture the colours and beauty of the city through images of what may seem at first glance to be the everyday or ordinary but which reflect the true heart and soul of the city.

Bob Morrison

Bob is a retired banker and self-employed businessman who has held a lifetime interest in photography, but little time until the last several years to rekindle this interest. His interest started decades ago with a trusty Pentax, a bag filled with rolls of film and a copy of his inspiration at the time, the Andreas Feininger book "Light and Lighting in Photography". Since retirement Bob has reawaken his interest in urban photography and has spent hours each week exploring the city and suburbs of Sydney on foot discovering the unique character that has developed from cultural diversity and the development and aging of the city. As he walked the main streets and side streets of the city things of interest to him were recorded on camera with an attempt to reflect the unique character of each suburb or area he was exploring. This collection of photographs forms the base for this book. This same approach has also been used during his travels and the result of that has been the production of a series of photographic wall art images based on photographs taken in Italy, Spain and France.