This image is the cover for the book Where Should Francis Live?

Where Should Francis Live?

Everyone has a home that is perfect for them and so did Francis before he outgrew it. Now he must find a new home before bedtime! His friends have their perfect homes and try to help, but is what they are suggesting perfect for Francis? The sun is setting and time is running out! Will he be homeless like a slug? What are your ideas?

Renea Giles, Callum Foot

Born in Brisbane, Australia, Renea Giles, her husband and two young children spend their time between there and Newcastle, New South Wales. Before having her own children, Renea tutored primary-school-aged refugee children and worked closely with their schools to provide additional support. She enjoys being active within her community and loves exploring the outdoors with her family, especially Australia’s glorious bush and coastlines. She strongly believes we need to fiercely protect the wonderful tradition of spending quality family time and reading books to our children as their benefits are immeasurable.