This image is the cover for the book Bro-Magnet, The Johnny Smith Novels

Bro-Magnet, The Johnny Smith Novels

Has the world’s nicest dude bro found happiness at last?

Poor Johnny Smith.

At age thirty-three, the house painter has been a best man a whopping eight times, when all he’s ever really wanted is to be a groom. But despite being everyone’s favorite dude, Johnny has yet to find The One. Or even anyone. So when he meets high-powered District Attorney Helen Troy, and falls for her hard, he follows the advice of family and friends. Since Helen seems to hate sports, Johnny pretends he does too. No more Jets. No more Mets. At least not in public. He redecorates his condo. He gets a cat. He takes up watching soap operas. Anything he thinks will earn him Helen, Johnny is willing to do. There’s just one hitch: If he does finally win her heart, who will he be?

“There are so many memorable moments in this book that I could spend page after page quoting them.” —USA Today

Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Diversion Books