This image is the cover for the book Court In The Streets

Court In The Streets

This is a heart throb called Court in the Streets that takes place in Durham, North Carolina. Santonio and Jason Parker are cousins who are living the high life. They're responsible for seventy percent of the city's heroin. Competition is none, and money isn't an object. Life couldn't get any better, but the fairytale ends when a string of home invasions turn their lives upside down. Amia Parker, Santonio's sister, finds herself a victim of a home invasion and a brutal rape. When she identifies Curtis Atkins, one of the cousins' workers, as one of the robbers, the cousins vow to hold court in the streets. Michael Bynum is a homicide detective that's assigned to several cases that the cousins are suspected of. Like every other crime that they are suspected of, the evidence almost does not exist. The likelihood of a conviction is unlikely, so the detective takes matters in his own hands in attempt to end the cousins' spree. When series of events bring on deadly reactions, the cousins find themselves fighting for their lives in more than one way. Not only are the State and Feds after them, they also have an enemy from the past that's determined to beat the agencies to the punch; but in his own little sick way. This isn't a story that glorifies violence and drug dealing, this is a story that shows you the other side of the game and how it affects everybody.

Kevin Bullock

Born August 6, 1977 to a single parent, Jacqueline Bullock, Kevin Bullock was always bright and spontaneous. Raised in the slums of Durham, North Carolina, he experienced life at its worst and knew that he wanted better for his children. Like a lot of black males from the slums, he became mesmerized with street life and as are result soon found himself in and out of jail. Being a single parent and unable to find a suitable job because of the felonies on his record, he struggles to balance his street life during the day while his son was at daycare with being an attentive father at night. Soon, his street life got the best of him and he found himself locked up in federal prison with a fifteen year sentence. More depressed because he felt like he had failed his children, he began to vent out on paper to maintain his sanity. When a fellow inmate read his stories, he encouraged Kevin to submit them to a publisher. He thought that Kevin’s work was just as good, if not better than the urban books that were floating around. When the idea of being able to support his family from prison dawned on him, Kevin began to write feverishly. A year later, he signed a book deal with Street Knowledge Publishing.