This image is the cover for the book Greyhound George to the Rescue

Greyhound George to the Rescue

Unfulfilled in his career and love-life, George Potts did not suffer a mid-life crisis – he underwent a change of species. He knew not how or why, but suddenly found he could metamorphose into a racing greyhound. From a plodding, colourless, two-legged routine, he discovered he could transform his anatomy into that of a muscular, lightning-quick quadruped. This, it transpired, brightened up his life in ways previously unimaginable and became all the more useful when it came to hunting down and attempting to liberate an heiress held hostage by a ruthless gang of kidnappers. Greyhound George to the Rescue!

Tony Cleaver

Originally from London, Tony Cleaver has been a journalist, hippy, teacher, road sweeper, mountain guide, university lecturer and writer. He has lived and worked in the UK, Singapore, Chile, The Netherlands and Colombia – all of which have inspired him to write. Currently at the University of Durham, UK, Tony has written two texts on economics; three novels – El Mono; Welcome to Camelot and Greyhound George along with a collection of short stories: Frogs, Cats and Pyramids. His ambition is to climb more mountains, play better cricket and to be able to remember all his four sons’ ages without his wife having to remind him.

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