This image is the cover for the book Man in the Middle

Man in the Middle

In this 1952 hard-boiled mystery, a Korean War vet fights to clear his name of murder and catch a killer in New York City.

In the foggy streets of Manhattan, a few blocks from the glowing neon lights of Times Square, Marine veteran Big Vince MacLowerie is headed home from a card game. That’s when he thinks he sees his old friend Eddie Jackson, so MacLowerie calls out his name. Only MacLowerie is dead wrong . . .

With one little case of mistaken identity, MacLowerie soon finds himself in a heap of trouble. The next morning, a mysterious corpse is found, and more murders follow. Although the bodies easily link to MacLowerie, Lt. Hank Tepper believes he’s innocent. But when Tepper’s suddenly sent out of town on a job, it’s up to MacLowerie to prove his innocence before the killer strikes again . . .</

Ferguson Findley

Ferguson Findley (1910–1963) was the pseudonym of Charles Weiser Frey, an American novelist from Pennsylvania. He wrote several minor crime novels in the 1950s—the most successful of which, Waterfront, was made into the film The Mob in 1951.

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