This image is the cover for the book More Than Just Bird Poop on my Windshield

More Than Just Bird Poop on my Windshield

More Than Just Bird Poop on my Windshield tells the powerful story of one woman’s journey through darkness and into the light of Gods love and healing. If youre struggling with feelings of shame, rejection, depression, or any other hindrance to your freedom in Christ, this book is for you. Through her own testimony, the author shows how God can overcome any obstacle and bring you into wholeness and joy. Dont lose hope, dear reader. God is faithful and will deliver you. Allow this book to be a source of encouragement and inspiration on your own journey towards healing and freedom.

Holly Munn

Holly lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of 24 years, her Doberman, and two cats which keep her busy. She lives a simple life and enjoys nature, reading, writing and time spent with her adult children. She is a biological mother to four sons and two daughters. One stepdaughter and one by the grace of God. She attends church in her community and works as a medical receptionist in a local clinic. Every day she is thankful for the goodness and abundant mercy of God in her life despite the challenges and mountains that present themselves. She looks forward to living what is left of this life with gratitude and humility; loving God and loving others.

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