This image is the cover for the book Necropolis


An author visiting Jerusalem is pulled into a stranger’s mysterious death in this gripping, moving novel by one of Colombia’s major literary voices.

Winner of the La Otra Orilla Literary Award

Upon recovering from a prolonged illness, an author is invited to a literary gathering in Jerusalem that turns out to be a most unusual affair. In the conference rooms of a luxury hotel, as war rages outside, he listens to a series of extraordinary life stories: the saga of a chess-playing duo, the tale of an Italian porn star with a socialist agenda, the drama of a Colombian industrialist who has been waging a longstanding battle with local paramilitaries, and many more.

But it is José Maturana—evangelical pastor, recovering drug addict, ex-con—with his story of redemption at the hands of a charismatic tattooed messiah from Miami, Florida, who fascinates the author more than any other. Maturana’s language is potent and vital, and his story captivating. Hours after his stirring presentation to a rapt audience, however, Maturana is found dead in his hotel room. At first it seems likely that he has taken his own life. But there are a few loose ends that don’t support the suicide hypothesis, and the author is moved by Maturana’s life story to discover the truth about his death, in a literary mystery from “one of the most interesting Latin American writers . . . his most ambitious novel yet” (La Nación).

“A modern Decameron.” —La Liberté

Santiago Gamboa, Howard Curtis

Né en Colombie en 1965, Santiago Gamboa a étudié la littérature et la philologie hispanique. Journaliste à RFI, correspondant d'El Tiempo de Bogotá, diplomate auprès de l'Unesco et conseiller culturel en Inde, il vit actuellement entre l'Italie et la Colombie. Très populaires en Colombie, ses livres sont traduits dans 17 langues.

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