This image is the cover for the book Walking in Two Worlds

Walking in Two Worlds

Lee Masters, a handsome young cowboy, is fired from his cattle drive when his sexual orientation is discovered. Frustrated and angry, he rides to a mountain lake where he meets a Dakota native named Tatanka, who is also exiled from his tribe for refusing to adhere to tribal custom for braves who prefer men to women. They strike up a friendship, which readily turns to love. Their family is completed when a young Indian, Sleeps With Dogs, insists they take him with them on their search for a home.

Their quest to find acceptance in either the white man's world or the native population is a difficult journey. Can two men who love each other find a place in the harsh reality of the western wilderness, or will they always be walking in two worlds?

Terry O'Reilly

Terry O’Reilly is a retired school teacher who lives a quiet life with his partner, three dogs, and horse. In addition to writing, Terry enjoys music and sports, especially football. He is active in animal rescue efforts. For more information, visit