This image is the cover for the book Edenfrost #2, Edenfrost

Edenfrost #2, Edenfrost

After a pogrom chases them out of their home, Alex and Yuli flee to a forest in the Ukrainian countryside, where the opposing forces of the Russian Civil War are poised to clash. Desperately seeking shelter from the cold, the siblings take refuge in a lonely hunting cabin only to realize that their new host may be just as dangerous as the threats that await them out in the wild.

Amit Tishler, Bruno Frenda

Amit Tishler is an Israeli-born, LA-based creative director, software designer, animator, and writer. He has brought his diverse talents to shows, games, and immersive experiences for entertainment brands such as Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, HBO, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and more. A prolific writer and content creator, Amit is developing multiple, original graphic novels and comic book titles with publishers such as Mad Cave Studios and Humanoids Publishing, as well as a slate of original TV shows for networks, studios, and streamers worldwide.