This image is the cover for the book A Fall to the Top

A Fall to the Top

Colin MacKinnon MP is leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition and is nearing the end of a general election campaign that hangs in the balance when he receives an unexpected telephone call. The unknown caller knows of a dreadful incident from his past. What’s on offer by the caller sets MacKinnon’s career alight – his rise on the stage of politics is meteoric, at home and abroad. He lets nothing get in his way as he sets out to restore the United Kingdom’s standing in the world. He enlists the aid of two former SAS colleagues to help: Alan Croudace, his conscience, and Jack Somerton, his do-anything lieutenant.
Where is it all going to end? And who is really pulling the strings? As you read this book, put yourself in MacKinnon’s shoes and ask yourself, ‘What would I do in the circumstances given the opportunity?’

Noel Primrose

Noel Primrose was born in Glasgow and lived there until moving south in 1961 to further his career. He now lives in an East Sussex village with his wife, Lynda. He has three children and eight grandchildren. Noel began work as an apprentice with British Railways in 1954, before joining the NHS in 1966, where he became a chartered engineer and rose to board level in 1982, before retiring in 2000. His main interest is his family and being outdoors where walking and gardening are his main pursuits. In the past, he was passionate about running, especially marathons and half marathons. Noel is a keen football fan and follows Rangers, Liverpool, and Brighton.

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