This image is the cover for the book Warriors of Gor, Gorean Saga

Warriors of Gor, Gorean Saga

The Saga of Gor continues as Tarl Cabot attempts to save a beautiful prisoner from a terrible fate.

The daughter of Marlenus, the Ubar of Ar, is now a fugitive sought for betraying the Home Stone of her city. The price on her head could build fleets and hire armies. For years she has been hunted by legions of guardsmen and bounty hunters. Now, tricked by a former colleague, Talena has been captured and delivered to Lurius of Jad. Once her esteemed ally, Lurius is now eager to sell Talena’s blood for the gold of Ar. But the reward cannot be claimed until the prisoner is delivered.

Between the port of Jad and the mighty gates of Ar lie dangerous waters and harrowing wildernesses, the threats of beasts and the menace of men. Tarl Cabot, a seaman and warrior of Port Kar, once the free companion of Talena, chooses to risk everything to save his former companion.

In this rousing adventure, we encounter the steel of warriors, the stealth of Assassins, the savagery of monstrous Kurii, the passions and beauty of needful, vulnerable, collared slaves, the subtleties of Scribes of the Law, and the ambition and ruthlessness of men who want nothing less than the throne of Ar itself.

John Norman

John Norman is the creator of the Gorean Saga, the longest-running series of adventure novels in science fiction history. He is also the author of the science fiction series the Telnarian Histories, as well as Ghost Dance, Time Slave, The Totems of Abydos, Imaginative Sex, and Norman Invasions. Norman is married and has three children.

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