This image is the cover for the book Around Picture Rocks, Images of America

Around Picture Rocks, Images of America

When the Sprout and Burrows families purchased what became Picture Rocks for $2,500 in October 1848, the land was considered worthless. The town consisted of a single house and a sawmill that sat at the bend of Muncy Creek. The mill produced window sashes and doors that were in demand for new homes being built in the West Branch Valley. In 1856, S. H. Burrows began manufacturing furniture. Then in the early 1850s, a chapel was built in eight days so that the Baptist community had a place to worship. Around Picture Rocks documents the evolution of this section of Lycoming County. Among the many original structures featured in the book is part of the old Handle and Excelsior building that still greets visitors as they cross the Muncy Creek.

Sherry A. Gardner

Sherry A. Gardner, a native of Picture Rocks, is more commonly known for her work in television. Gardner worked with the residents of Picture Rocks and the East Lycoming, Muncy, and Lycoming County Historical Societies while writing this book.

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