This image is the cover for the book Johnny Under Ground, Henry Tibbett

Johnny Under Ground, Henry Tibbett

Inspector Henry Tibbett’s better half, wife Emmy, takes center stage in a WWII mystery. “The classical whodunnit remains safe in Miss Moyes’ hands.” —The Sun

To date, Emmy Tibbett has been something of a secondary character—a placid, pleasantly plump presence who serves mostly to make her detective-husband Henry all the more likeable. With Johnny, however, Emmy at last gets a turn in the spotlight, as she and Henry head off for the 20th reunion of her Royal Air Force squad. It’s a bittersweet trip for Emmy: She loved her work with the RAF, and she was in love with one of the pilots, but their happiness ended abruptly when he killed himself, crashing his plane into the North Sea.

But was it suicide? At the reunion, Emmy is startled to realize that she may have been the last person to see her sweetheart alive. And she’s more than startled to discover that virtually everyone connected with that fatal flight had something to hide.

Praise for Patricia Moyes

“The author who put the ‘who’ back in whodunit.” —Chicago Daily News

“A new queen of crime . . . her name can be mentioned in the same breath as Agatha Christie and Ngaio Marsh.” —Daily Herald

“An excellent detective novel in the best British tradition. Superbly handled.” —Columbus Dispatch

“Intricate plots, ingenious murders, and skillfully drawn, often hilarious, characters distinguish Patricia Moyes’ writing.” —Mystery Scene

Patricia Moyes

Patricia Moyes (1923-2000) was a British mystery writer best known for her “Henry Tibbet” series of old-fashioned mysteries. During WWII Moyes joined the Royal Air Force and became a radar operator and flight officer. Subsequently, she worked as assistant to actor and director Peter Ustinov, with whom she collaborated on a film script. She also spent some years as assistant editor for British Vogue. A cat lover, Moyes wrote two books about cats.