This image is the cover for the book The Aulverse

The Aulverse

ONE HELL OF A PARADISE… Ahh, the Aulverse, a world of wonder and anarchy, of entitlement and squalor; two sides to a very specific coin – the coin of this hellish paradise. Heads, and you might find yourself amongst the royals of the Kingdom of Bovidae; with their fancy horns and proper mannerisms, all groomed beyond perfection with silver spoons crammed so far inside their mouths it’s a wonder they can even breathe. Tails though, and you might find yourself in the slums of the Aphid Tunnels, surrounded by equally as oppressed insectoids, all born into slavery with no hope for freedom. Some have been known to find graces in their ill fate, just as others have gambled away their luck, life in the Aulverse however, just as any life, is what you make of it, so why not turn your back on the chain gang and the ivory towers? Why not venture out into No Man’s Land and peruse the diabolical Grisly Woods – really get that blood pumping? Who knows? You might even get to the bottom of the mysteries of this place, figure out why it is that one even finds themselves here, or how exactly, one might escape.

Daniel Archer

Daniel Archer was born in Hobart, Tasmania during the April of 1996. He writes in his spare time and otherwise spends his youthful years as leisurely as one can. As for the future, he hopes there are more books to write, stories to unravel, and satisfying conclusions he can put to each of them.

Austin Macauley Publishers