This image is the cover for the book Ride into Morning, Great Episodes

Ride into Morning, Great Episodes

A “suspenseful [and] exciting” tale of a young woman’s battle to save her beloved horse during the Revolutionary War, inspired by a true story (Booklist).

The Revolutionary War is raging. Food and firewood are scarce, and Tempe Wick is worried that she will not be able to care for her ailing mother and her family and still maintain their farm in New Jersey, where troops are now camped. Her ability to hold on to her world is further threatened when a mutinous soldier demands that she lend him her beloved horse, Colonel, in exchange for keeping her brother’s rum-smuggling activities secret from the authorities. This dramatic historical novel is based on a real event that has been popularized into American legend.

“Crammed with authentic detail.” —Kirkus Reviews

A New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age

Ann Rinaldi

ANN RINALDI is an award-winning author best known for bringing history vividly to life. A self-made writer and newspaper columnist for twenty-one years, Ms. Rinaldi attributes her interest in history to her son, who enlisted her to take part in historical reenactments up and down the East Coast. She lives with her husband in central New Jersey.

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