This image is the cover for the book A Lawyer's Story

A Lawyer's Story

John Farrelly, a naïve, young property lawyer, is struggling to find his feet in austerity blighted, post-war Britain.
An affluent, elderly widow is persuaded to change her will in favour of her impoverished carer. The widow is poisoned. The carer is charged with murder.
Representing the carer catapults John into the unfamiliar, hostile and adversarial world of criminal litigation. Troubling questions soon arise. What has his idolised, charismatic but scheming brother got to hide? Does John know too much? Is this really a job that he should have taken?
It’s a capital offence, there are no second chances. Someone’s life depends on the decisions John takes. Or doesn’t take.
Guilty or not guilty – there will be ramifications.
Finally, when it’s over, can he move on without a backward glance? Or will the shadows of the past catch up with him threatening his perfect lifestyle, his reputation, even his very existence?

Paul Carlin

The author, Paul Carlin, was born in 1960. He divides his time, as much as possible, between his home in Nottinghamshire and France. A Lawyer’s Story is his second novel.

Austin Macauley Publishers