This image is the cover for the book Supporting actress Becomes the Heroine, Volume 1

Supporting actress Becomes the Heroine, Volume 1

The police flower Lou Xinyue had accidentally sacrificed herself while on mission, teleporting to a dynasty that had no records of her past. It was not the life of a spicy person, but the life of a cannon fodder. They should have treasured their lives and kept away from the Lord and Lady, but they couldn't do anything about the fact that the main culprit was her family. Helpless, he could only pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger and hug his thigh to save his life. Rising up to resist, save the family, change fate, fight with the female lead, hide from the male lead, earn money, peach blossoms blossomed, the female partner just wanted to have a chance! This concubine was naturally virtuous, but the enemy was too crazy!

Di Jiuguniang, Lemon Novel