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God Is

God is Mother. God is Midwife. God is Hostess. God is Mystery. God is Home.

Traditional language for God has been dominated by a single image—Father—and masculine norms. For some, this language is meaningful. For others, it is deeply problematic. In both cases, it’s limited. 

One thing is certain: God is More. 

Mallory Wyckoff believes it’s past time to expand the ways we think about God. Through personal story, theology, spirituality, and social justice (and highlighting the interconnectedness of each), Wyckoff explores feminine metaphors and untapped language for God—some biblical and familiar, some less well-known, but all revelatory of a God who is More than we’ve been allowed to imagine. 

As Wyckoff illustrates, when we expand the ways we image and engage with God, we are invited to see the Divine more fully—and, in the process, our neighbors and ourselves. Those who have felt alienated by the typical ways of describing God in Christianity will meet God anew: As a Seamstress who stitches tapestries out of our tatters of shame. As a Sexual Trauma Survivor who has suffered alongside those who have endured the worst. As a Mother who nurtures us to life with her body.

Mallory Wyckoff

Mallory Wyckoff is a teacher, preacher, writer, and spiritual director who currently serves as Key Relationships Officer with Preemptive Love, a global community of peacemakers working to end war and stop the spread of violence. Having completed her dissertation on the impact of sexual trauma on survivors' theological perception and spiritual formation, Mallory has a DMin from Lipscomb University in missional and spiritual formation. In all her work, Mallory is a trusted voice for people seeking to navigate their spirituality with curiosity, honesty, and courage. She is a native Floridian and lives with her husband and their two daughters.

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