This image is the cover for the book Sleepy Daisies

Sleepy Daisies

Millie is a bonnie and bright young girl who is always far too busy to get to bed. After twirling, dancing, and whooshing around at bedtime, Millie’s sister, Sophie, shares a lovely secret about the sleepy daisies in the garden to help Millie become a superstar at bedtime.

Alison Hepburn

Alison Hepburn is a first-time published author. She is a specialist support teacher who works with primary-aged children near Glasgow. Alison has always been very passionate about children’s literature and loves reading to and with children of all ages. A large part of Alison’s teaching job is supporting children with literacy difficulties and she is committed to supporting them in becoming passionate readers themselves. Alison has aspired to be a children’s author for a very long time and she is delighted to be sharing her first storybook with you now.