This image is the cover for the book Grief-stricken Tao, Volume 1

Grief-stricken Tao, Volume 1

Ten years ago, the exterminated cult was revived.

Xuan Daoqi, who came to Sichuan, was rescued by the Palace Masters of the nine sects after his parents died.

Under the orders of his superior, Lu Qian returned empty-handed.

The incident with the Nine Sects ended, and Xuan Daoqi was involved in the incident in Chengdu.

How would Xuan Daoqi, who had coincidentally met the little girl, be able to escape with her?

The devil sect seemed to be ready to make a move as there was no news of them.

The Demon Cave that had disappeared for a long time also had the intention of dominating the Martial Forest.

The mottled night was dominated by an unheard-of shadow.

Hidden experts from all over Taiwan were gathered together.

A battle was about to begin!

However, the relationship between Xuan Daoqi and Yu Yanran would soon be resolved.

What would be undone would be a tragedy from ten years ago, a love affair from a thousand years ago …

Lang Ji, Babel Novel