Once a Hero

Fleet Lieutenant Esmay Suiza never wanted to become a hero. After a traumatic, war torn childhood and years of being plagued by nightmares, she is content to spend her years with the Fleet following orders and staying under the radar. Even after she finds herself the leader in a fierce battle against a treasonous captain, and the center of a subsequent military trial, Suiza wants nothing more than to return to the ranks.

Then she’s promoted and sent to the deep space repair ship Koskiusko. Suiza once again finds herself in the heart of danger. The Bloodhorde, a violent group of barbarian warriors, has made plans to sabotage her ship and clear the path for a full invasion. Suiza is thrust into command, leading the revolt against the invaders before a second wave of brutality threatens the lives of her fellow soldiers.

From New York Times bestselling and Nebula Award-winning author Elizabeth Moon comes a riveting, action packed science fiction tale of war with an unforgettable hero.

Elizabeth Moon

Elizabeth Moon grew up on the Texas border, served three years active duty in the USMC (1968-71), and now lives with her husband, also a veteran, near Austin, Texas. She has published twenty-seven novels, including a Nebula Award winner and a Hugo Award finalist. When not writing, Moon enjoys photographing native plants and wildlife, knitting socks, and cooking.

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