This image is the cover for the book It Must Be a Full Moon

It Must Be a Full Moon

Would you be totally thunderstruck, slap your forehead, shake your head and stare with eyes as big as frying pans if you found a chubby mouse with floppy ears and a drooping, rumbling tummy tucked under the blankets of your warm cozy bed?  Would you scratch your head and mutter, “This just can’t be possible! It must be a full moon… it simply must be! There’s absolutely no other logical explanation!” if you found a furry, black cat dressed in overalls curled up atop your bed speaking with the mouse about the circumstances that landed them into the bedroom in the first place?  If you think this could never happen, think again! This is exactly what happened to a 10-year-old boy named Joseph and his grandpa named Grandpa… and this is just the beginning of an absolutely madcap adventure filled with the wackiest, zaniest characters you’ll ever meet. From a cozy bedroom, to a magical cave, to a buried treasure chest and down what seems to be a never-ending tunnel Joseph, Grandpa, Pip the Mouse, Diddles the cat together with a young girl named Emma who Joseph thinks is a pretty as a button, find themselves dangling perilously over a deep, rocky gorge. Countless characters offer to help the group out of the gorge, but the unthinkable happens. Will unshakeable friendship, infinite patience and unrelenting teamwork be enough to get the group back to Grandpa’s Farm safe and sound? This story promises to knock your socks off! It Must Be a Full Moon is the last book in the trilogy.

Brockton Moutray

Brockton lives with his wife, Sonia; and their three children, Alyssa, Adrienne and Joseph, in beautiful Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Brockton dreams his stories and writes his dreams. He enjoys crafting magical, adventurous tales that transport readers into magical lands and introduce them to wacky and zany characters that remain with us forever and ever and ever. His wish is that his writing puts a smile on every reader’s face while teaching valuable lessons about life and the importance of friendship. Brockton loves to travel and has a weakness for different foods. He claims to stop eating only when his arms get tired. When he’s not writing, teaching or eating, he loves spending time in the great outdoors.

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