This image is the cover for the book Dada Caper, The Chance Purdue Mysteries

Dada Caper, The Chance Purdue Mysteries

“The hero is a private eye who is always tailing the wrong people and hitting the wrong guys. The Dada Caper is wild, shrewd, mad and unexpectedly funny” (The New York Times).

Chance Purdue may be better at a lot of things than he is at detecting, but he’s the only man for the job when the FBI comes looking for someone to take on the Soviet-inspired DADA (Destroy America, Destroy America) conspiracy.

Plus, he needs a paycheck. Chance gets off to a rough start as he’s led on a merry chase through Chicago’s underbelly and drawn into a case of deception that can only be solved with the help of a mysterious femme fatale who’s as beautiful as she is cunning.

Ross H. Spencer

Ross H. Spencer (1921–1998) was a mystery author, best known for his series of comic novels that astutely satirized the private eye genre.

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