This image is the cover for the book No Highway

No Highway

Joan and Michael meet in a hospital in Glasgow in the west of Scotland. They have dreams and aspirations, disappointments, false dawns but nevertheless still hope to fulfil their goals despite suffering social and economic problems. The demands of hospital life require instant decisions and results regardless of the consequences. This makes for a very challenging professional life. This process of learning on the job gives fulfillment and pleasure. Elsewhere in the city, the shipyards are going through a transitional period where new methods of production and innovation are creating industrial unrest, union strikes, lack of work and decisions for the future of the industry have to be made. While professional people are wanted all over the world, Scotland is recognised for its shipbuilders and Scottish nurses are considered to be the amongst the best in the world. Will Joan and Michael's dreams and aspirations come true in this turbulent time?

Carol Habrovitsky

Carol Habrovitsky has lived in Glasgow for 50 years. She is married with 1 son and 3 grandchildren. Born in London, she trained as nurse in the Royal Free Hospital in London. She has worked as a nurse in Glasgow in hospitals, industry, public health, neurology, casualty eventually running a large nursing home as matron. Nursing has been her lifelong love where she learnt so much more about life as well as nursing. In retirement, she has written poetry and volunteered in health inspections of hospitals. Her hobbies include Tai Chi, travelling, language studies and spending time with her family.

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