This image is the cover for the book Twiblets - Their Earthly Adventures

Twiblets - Their Earthly Adventures

Have you even wondered how the surface of the earth became so lush and beautiful? It was not always that way, and not made beautiful without a great deal of special help from the Twiblets. Twiblets come from the sun. It was a huge risk for them to venture to the Earth to provide their special magic and assistance to coax life and beauty from Earth’s may dry and brittle seeds on its surface. In fact, several areas of the Earth were especially a challenge to the Twiblets unique abilities. One in particular of these was the deserts. This story is about the Twiblet adventures and challenges in the earthly deserts.

Martin Firestone

Martin’s extensive travels and diverse experiences have fueled his development of unique and alternative perspectives, challenging conventional views of reality. Highly creative and imaginative, he approaches ideas from multiple angles, often taking risks in his storytelling to question established truths and widely accepted perceptions. His stories are a canvas for his imaginative challenges, offering alternative interpretations and possibilities of the world around us. Martin’s talent lies in storytelling, presenting narratives that make the improbable seem plausible, and sometimes even likely. With a career spanning 47 years in managerial and directorial roles, he is now dedicating his retirement to transforming his myriad ideas into published stories, sharing his intriguing visions with a broader audience.

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