This image is the cover for the book Rural Vixenish Wife: Raising and Farming, Volume 5

Rural Vixenish Wife: Raising and Farming, Volume 5

Lin Xiaoye opened her eyes and found that she had become an infamous ugly woman from peasant family. In front of her was a cute baby and a hunter husband. But who is she? As the 33rd generation of the family of Chinese medicine, Lin Xiaoye will not be easily stumped.With silver needles in hand, she earns a lot of money by treating patients. In daily life, she flirts with husband occasionally, raises children, and farms. What? Her husband turned out to be a warlord? And even the founding general? Lin Xiaoye is shocked.☆About the Author☆Mu Xixi is the contracted web novelist. Her representative work is Rural Vixenish Wife: Raising and Farming. This is a finished ancient romance novel which is popular with readers for its lively style and interesting theme.

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