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233 Domain

Who tried to kill US President Lyndon Johnson on his 1966 visit to Australia? What links the Prime Minister to a Cold Case murder inquiry? Only one man alive knows the answers… If he can be found. Among the many news crews covering Johnson’s visit was young TV sound recordist Harry Hansen. Now it’s 2019 and Harry, long retired, discovers his original sound tapes from that day and what he believes is proof of an attempt to kill the President. Harry assembles the other members of his former crew and they set out to chase the scoop of their lives: Find the man who holds the secret. But the head of Australia’s top-secret cyber security agency, The Cowgirl, has launched her own mission of kidnap and murder. Does she really want to stop the 50-year-old Johnson Plot from becoming public knowledge, or is it her task to bury new evidence linking the Prime Minister to murder? Risking their lives, the old newsmen finally find their man and win journalism’s highest award for exposing the Johnson plot; only to find they may have got it wrong. Now they’re on the run from the Cowgirl and a religious cadre within the government as they try to prove the PM could be a killer. And they don’t know who they can trust.

Jeremy Cornford

Jeremy Cornford is a former journalist and has produced TV news and current affairs programs for the ABC and all the Australian commercial TV networks. He also ran his own production companies making documentaries, TV specials, commercials, and a feature film. During his career, he has met and interviewed celebrities ranging from The Beatles and Roy Orbison to Yasser Arafat and Muammar Gaddafi. Now retired, he lives with his wife and German shepherd dog in a coastal village, flies a hobby drone, and practices the Korean martial art of Hapki Yusul.

Austin Macauley Publishers