This image is the cover for the book 80 Days of Pleasure, Days of Pleasure Series

80 Days of Pleasure, Days of Pleasure Series

From a romantic outing in the Southwest to jet-setting around the globe to exotic destinations, Dallas Avery lays the foundation for a long-lasting relationship with Alicia Mitchell, brick by brick, beginning with these five words, "Just one more day, baby."

While traveling the romantic countryside from Munich, Germany to Schloss Neuschwanstein, a case of mistaken identity threatens their freedom and possibly their lives. Dallas has faced numerous threats, but nothing could have prepared him for this experience. A desire to make Alicia's childhood dream come true has evolved into an incredible nightmare.

Dallas and Alicia struggle to learn the new rules of engagement they have been forced to play by. One thing is certain, the NBA player is determined they will not be on the losing end.

Each Pleasures book is a standalone, NO cliffhangers

USA TODAY, and National Bestselling Authors take you on amazing journey with NBA Basketball Star, Dallas Avery, and Alicia Mitchell, a woman who is as mysterious as she is beautiful.
Follow this unlikely couple as they travel to exotic places such as Paris, Durabia, Caribbean, Scotland and many others. Each story embroils them in a new set of challenges and adventure as they navigate their way to love.

Book 1–10 Days of Pleasure by Stephanie M. Freeman
Book 2–20 Days of Pleasure by J. L. Campbell
Book 3–30 Days of Pleasure by Sierra Kay
Book 4–40 Days of Pleasure by Martha Kennerson and Stephanie M. Freeman
Book 5–50 Days of Pleasure by Anita L. Roseboro and Michelle D. Rayford
Book 6–60 Days of Pleasure by Vanessa
Book 7–70 Days of Pleasure by Christine Pauls
Book 8–80 Days of Pleasure by Aiken Ponder
Book 9–90 Days of Pleasure by Marie L. McKenzie and Naleighna Kai
Book 10—Open Door Marriage by Naleighna Kai

Aiken Ponder

Aiken Ponder grew up admiring authors that wielded their pens like a sword. Learning from the masters she too put pen to paper clearing her path to success. Aiken writes across many genres including Erotica, Mysteries, Paranormal, and Adult Contemporary Literature.

Aiken is a member of NK Tribe called Success and Cavalcade of Authors. Her debut book, 80 Days of Pleasure is a collaborative work with New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors. Aiken's books feature powerful women who unapologetically embrace their authenticity and boldly walk in their purpose and passion.

You may follow her on all social media sites under Aiken Ponder.

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