This image is the cover for the book Justin's Rock

Justin's Rock

Eighteen-year-old Justin Quinn has had it pretty rough. His father dies unexpectedly. His first big crush loves him, but only as a little brother. His relationship with his high school boyfriend is mostly platonic and ends when they decide to go to different colleges. While working a summer job, Justin starts a relationship with a coworker, but soon discovers the other guy is only in it for the sex.

Justin has always believed his gaydar to be infallible. So he’s disappointed and conflicted to learn his hunky, muscled, and friendly college roommate Bailey Stone is straight. Frustrated, Justin finds a boyfriend who dumps him when Justin wakes up after a party, hung over and sore.

Justin knows he needs someone steady, reliable, and solid in his corner. Might Bailey be Justin’s rock, or will he continue to drift through college without an anchor?

Tim Mead