This image is the cover for the book Unnatural Beginnings

Unnatural Beginnings

Lies, deceit, murderous obsession and a secret military organization are all that surround Brynn. Brynn’s only desire in life is to be an ordinary young woman with regular hopes and dreams. Brynn’s life is far from normal though. Her beauty is such that men want to possess her, to own her. Men seem to resort to drastic measures to try and obtain her. Brynn’s brother and best friend, Sabion, protects her as much as he can. Sabion is also fighting his unnatural desires for his incredibly beautiful sibling. The web of lies begins to unravel with a late-night phone call. The man on the other end of the call threatens to expose the truth of who she really is. This leads Brynn’s small family to flee to western Canada in hopes of escaping it all. Brynn and Sabion find themselves mixed up in a world of science fiction only to find out that it is far from fictional where they are concerned. Can Brynn and Sabion survive all the lies and deceit that they have discovered, or will it be their undoing?

J. T. Conners

J. T. Conners was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. At a young age, she moved with her small family to the Shuswap area within British Columbia, Canada, where she grew to love the beauty of nature. J. T. now resides within Alberta, with the love of her life and her two sons, in a small town just outside of Calgary. J. T. has always had a passion for singing, theatre, and writing. In the days when there was no internet, cell phones, or gaming consoles, J. T. would fill her teenage hours with dirt-biking in the mountains with her beloved dog, Tess, and writing stories by hand. J. T. fell in love with writing romance novels when her grandmother passed away and found her basement packed full of love stories her grandmother had read over the years.

Austin Macauley Publishers