This image is the cover for the book Fragrance Through Bone, Volume 5

Fragrance Through Bone, Volume 5

Her mother died early and her father was lazy. Her father sold her into a rich family to be a maid.When she was in the rich family, she met a young master who was willing to protect her and was considerate to her. They fell in love. She loved him deeply, in order to make up for the disparity in status, she worked very hard to become the hostess of this family. But she understood that if she wanted to be the hostess, she also needed to make use of bad-minded people and beware of those who wanted to frame her. Facing all these challenges, what would she do?☆About the Author☆Sa Bu Liao Feng Jiu Fa Sha, an online novelist, she wrote Fragrance Through Bone which has been highly praised. This novel has a rich storyline and smooth and beautiful writing.

Sa Buliaofengjiufasha, Lemon Novel