This image is the cover for the book Cocktail Food

Cocktail Food

Your guide to throwing a great get-together, with fifty finger food recipes, plus drink-pairings and party theme ideas.

With Cocktail Food, you can kiss those baby carrots and tired old bowls of chips good-bye. Instead, treat yourself to bit-sized delights from one of San Franicsco’s favorite catering teams, the bestselling authors of Smoothies and Wraps.

Offering fifty fabulous finger foods, Cocktail Food spans the globe to find deliciously different hors d’oeuvres that will brighten any happy hour. From Puff the Magic Mushroom (puff pastry stuffed with cremini mushrooms) to Figs in a Blanket (fresh figs with Gorgonzola and prosciutto), these recipes are specifically designed to make the perfect cocktail even better. Each chapter pairs great party-planning ideas (how about a Martini Soiree? Or a Beer Tasting?) with a series of recipes made to match up with a particular style of drink. Whether your tastes run to Big and Bold or Light and Delicate, you’ll find plenty of ways to tease and tantalize taste buds while the cocktails flow. And using the authors’ helpful do-ahead tips, you might just find yourself having a blast at your very own party.

Mary Corpening Barber, Sara Corpening Whiteford, Lori Lyn Narlock, Carin Krasner

Mary Corpening Barber and Sara Corpening Whiteford are identical twin sisters and the acclaimed owners of Thymes Two Catering in San Francisco.Lori Lyn Narlock is a San Francisco-based writer and editor. Her work has appeared in such publications as Bon Appetit and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Carin Krasner is a photographer whose work has appeared in many national magazines. She lives in Los Angeles.