This image is the cover for the book Unparalleled Slaughter God, Book 10

Unparalleled Slaughter God, Book 10

As a slaughter god in one generation, Yang Feng was tragically framed and killed by an adulterer. He was unwilling to die like this, and revived his life with the help of another young man's body. Since then, a waste boy in the eyes of others had risen strongly. He had powerful skills and martial arts, and had been nicely treated by the beauties of the whole world. Those who had bullied him have been avenged one by one, and those who opposed him have been killed or injured. When he issued the order, no one dared to obey.☆About the Author☆Jiulong Zhenqi is a new Internet novelist. He is good at writing fantasy novels. His novel is welcomed by everyone because of its ups and downs storyline and beautiful language.

Jiu LongZhenQi, Babel Novel