This image is the cover for the book Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends

Imagine what could have happened if four birds had decided to go on the adventure of their lifetime. Especially if not everything goes according to the plan! They will not only make new friends on their way but encounter a few dark characters too. Will they come back home safe? Will they learn and discover few things about each other? The feathered friends spread their wings and soar through Europe making the old saying ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’ a reality. Let’s go on the adventure to discover beautiful landscapes and places from the bird’s eye view.

Liwia Maciejewska

Liwia Maciejewska is 12 years old and goes to Firhouse Educate Together school in Dublin. She was born in Ireland, raised by Polish parents. She has a passion for drawing, sewing, geography, music and enjoys learning some history from time to time. Although ornithology and all kind of birds fascinate her the most. Her book, Feathered Friends, became known in her school after she had won the Write-a-book competition at her school during the lockdown in 2021.

Austin Macauley Publishers