This image is the cover for the book Conscious (R)Evolution, Humanity, Insanity, and the Planet

Conscious (R)Evolution, Humanity, Insanity, and the Planet

In Conscious (R)Evolution, Humanity, Insanity, and the Planet, the author brings together two powerful insights: that all life on this planet is interconnected, and that humanity’s current path of consumerism and industrialization is leading to catastrophe. From deforestation to pollution, we are damaging the very environment that sustains us. This book asks us to stop and consider the bigger picture: as an intelligent species, why would we willingly destroy the planet that gave us life? With urgency and clarity, the author calls for a new way of living, one that recognizes our place in the natural world and uses our intelligence to create a better future for all.

Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony lives in Vancouver, British Columbia; he received an MBA in International Management from Asia Pacific International University, 16 April 1993.

His interests include acting on stage, commercials, films, and golf. “We cannot continue to live the way we do; we must change.”



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