This image is the cover for the book Thriving with Hypothyroidism

Thriving with Hypothyroidism

A nutritionist and a trainer show how you can shed pounds, keep them off, and live a healthier, active life despite having hypothyroidism—just like them.

Do you feel like hypothyroidism is hijacking your life, sabotaging your efforts to lose weight, keep it off, and preventing you from living an energy-filled life? Have you ever been told that “Your thyroid test came back in the normal range?” or “The dose of thyroid hormone you are on is perfect?” but you still feel hypothyroid symptoms? Or maybe you’ve heard “Your weight gain is not due to your thyroid. Maybe you’re eating too much and not getting enough exercise?” Sound familiar? It’s a vicious cycle!

Thriving with Hypothyroidism comes from 20 years of research, personal experience, and eduction in getting to the root causes of Susan and Anna’s own hypothyroidism. Susan and Anna share how to stop the progression of thyroid disease, lose weight, and keep it off, and have a more energetic life!

Inside, you will learn:

·      Why the standard thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) test done by most doctors to test for thyroid disease is incomplete

·      How to improve thyroid hormone conversion of inactive T4 to active T3 to improve metabolism and increase energy

·      How stress and toxins in your environment suppress thyroid function and how to reduce stress and decrease toxins in the body to improve metabolism

·      How information plays a big role in this disease and how to naturally increase your own glutathione levels to turn down the fire and increase fat loss

·      Ways to prevent a genetic predisposition for hypothyroidism from being expressed

Now is the time to take back your health!

Susan Tucker, Anna Austin

Susan Tucker has a BS Degree in Biology, and after 27 years of teaching high school sciences, retired to follow her passion: the healing power of nutrition. She graduated from the institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Health Coach. She helps her clients make better food and lifestyle choices so that they may live a more vibrant life. Susan lives in Clemmons, NC with her husband, Neal.Anna Austin has a BS Degree in Marketing and has worked designing websites and maintaining social media platforms for several companies. She decided to follow her passion and became a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. Helping others has always been her passion and being able to keep fitness challenging and enjoyable for her clients is the key to her lasting success and continued commitment. Anna lives in Elizabeth City, NC with her husband, their beautiful daughter, Alaya, and a baby boy on the way.

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