This image is the cover for the book Tradie Tom and the Missing Lunchbox

Tradie Tom and the Missing Lunchbox

Tom has lived by the seaside all his life and has a good bunch of mates who, from an early age, have loved to catch up, have a chat and go for a surf on the waves.
Now they are all grown up and Tom has become the local handyman in the town of Sandy Shore, where he is affectionately known as ‘Tradie Tom’. His best friend, Barney, is the town gardener and they can usually be seen working together whilst getting the young ones of the town out of the scrapes they themselves used to get into.
Their surfboards are always strapped to the back of their trucks as their motto is ‘You never know when the surf will be up’.
These stories are about mateship. By knowing each other for so long these two surfing mates can work together, have trust and loyalty in each other which in turn helps others when needed.

Christine Lowe

Christine Lowe lived her early life in Rochdale, UK, then moved with her new husband to the picturesque Central Coast of NSW, Australia where they raised a daughter and a son in a suburb by the beach which they loved. When her children were small Christine began writing and telling little bedtime stories to them, about themselves and their daily adventures, which of course they loved too.
Christine is now a grandmother and has more reason to write and tell her stories. Her grandchildren's everyday mischievousness gives her lots of inspiration, and of course... lots of smiles.

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