This image is the cover for the book A Bean Story

A Bean Story

A tiny, little, nothing seed can grow big if you just give it a little love, attention, and lots of water to drink. Grandma told me that the beans would grow, but she never told me it would be so stinky!

How can a non-good plastic cup grow such a big plant? My magic hands of course. Now it is like Iā€™m a farmer, I can grow anything and so can you.

Andre Sardenberg, Anastasia Rapantzikou Saliari

Andre Sardenberg is originally from Brazil where he spent most of his childhood. In Brazil, Andre became very interested in writing after reading a school assignment to his mother in which she became very touched by his ability to express himself. After moving to the United States and becoming a citizen, he fell in love with the country and the language. Andre has a creative imagination that has not cut ties with the child writer that started so many years ago.

Austin Macauley Publishers