This image is the cover for the book Poems from Within, Life Within

Poems from Within, Life Within

Throughout life, many grapple with the overwhelming feelings of depression, anxiety, and the disquieting sensation of losing oneself. Many yearn for a beacon, a guiding light to reignite the dwindling ember within. This book offers tales woven with poetic intricacy, waiting for your discernment and reflection. Designed to help you navigate lifes challenging waves, it shares narratives of love, addiction, and resilience – lessons crafted for every soul navigating the maze of existence. Remember, only you hold the power to rise, to realize your boundless potential. Believe in yourself, for you are cherished.

Jonathan Bancke

He is a soft thinker from the beautiful surroundings of Omaha, Nebraska, enlightening the views and lives with poetry of stories of visions afar. In his older days, writing at the southern tip illustrating themes that catch one’s North Star. Encounters with special people day after day brought the truth out for him in such a simple way. So, flow through this journey with him on these trials of life, and break through the chains, that vice.

Austin Macauley Publishers