This image is the cover for the book Arizona Chimichangas

Arizona Chimichangas

A celebration of the crispy, crunchy chimi with history, photos, and recipes!

Many claim to be the first to turn a plain burrito into a crispy chimichanga—but everyone agrees that it happened in Arizona. Fried to golden brown perfection at iconic restaurants like Casa Molina, El Charro, and Macayo’s, these crunchy wonders are favorites from Flagstaff to Bisbee, Safford to Yuma, and all parts in between.

Discover the disputed history of how chimichangas got their name and whether Chinese immigrants really invented them. Learn what goes into making a chimi, down to creating the perfect tortilla, as well as the variety of creative ingredients—from seafood to strawberries—that have been wrapped up in this delightful dish. Rita Connelly also presents delicious recipes and behind-the-scenes stories in this celebration of the Grand Canyon State’s beloved chimichangas.

Rita Connelly

Connelly first moved to Tucson in 1972 from her home state of Wisconsin, and while she moved back to the frozen north a few times, she came to her senses and moved to Tucson with her husband, John, and daughter, Riene, permanently in 1987. She was the restaurant reviewer for the Tucson Weekly for ten years. This is her third book, and her blog, The Well-Fed Foodie, can be found at and on Facebook. She can't say which chimichanga is her favorite.

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