This image is the cover for the book Partners In Mischief

Partners In Mischief

Peter had a happy, settled life at home with his mum, and at school with his best friend, Tom. They had known each other a long time and were inseparable. This, however, was about to change when he, by accident, spotted his mum and headteacher together, holding hands! Although he wanted his mum to be happy, Peter couldn’t accept this. He and Tom decided that they should do something to return life to how it was before. Nobody would want their headteacher as their new dad even if he was a good headteacher and had improved the school’s exam results. But what could they do? They try various things with no luck apart from getting themselves in trouble. Then one day the boys see one of the school’s supply teachers acting suspiciously. She suddenly takes an interest in them, especially Peter. What was she up to? Could she help them? Should they trust her?

Anne Beech

After initially training as a nurse Anne Beech stopped work to raise her two children. She returned to work but this time in an inner city primary school. Anne really enjoyed working with the children. Reading is a vital skill and she loved helping the children to achieve their full potential. This also inspired her to write her own book based on the daily routine in a school that the children could easily relate to.

Austin Macauley Publishers