This image is the cover for the book Goran


Born on the Serbian-Bosnian border and growing up in the Balkan conflict, Goran Marić is drawn into ethnic cleansing and making money for the generals by human trafficking of local women into prostitution. However, the war is now ending and he needs a way out. Tapping into a Greek criminal network, he forges a new and savage career, blazing a trail of misery and destruction across Asia. Flight Lieutenant Dave Mitchell, the newly qualified operative in RAF intelligence, sees some of his men die in a botched operation in Iraq. He vows that never again will he send men to their deaths and teams up with a CIA operative to build an intelligence network in the Near East. Little does he know that the danger is coming from behind him.

Robert Hudson

Robert Hudson was born in a South Yorkshire coal mining village. On leaving school, he worked at the mine until he graduated in engineering at Sheffield. He went on to work as an engineer in the UK, France, Germany, Poland, Italy and India. It was in India that he started to write in an attempt to capture in words the amazing people and sights he saw every day. He now lives with his wife close to his family in the North of England.

Austin Macauley Publishers