This image is the cover for the book The Dark Corners – Book One

The Dark Corners – Book One

This is the story about three women, who think they are friends until one hellish night when one is raped and the other two kill the rapist and blame her. This starts an inventive killing spree, each new murder committed to cover up the previous one and to keep several steps ahead of the police. Eventually, she wakes from a coma to find out that it was all a bad dream and that in reality, they had been in a car crash that maimed the other two and demolished her face. She is given a new face and tries to get back with her friends, but they hate her and set her up with a contagious new boyfriend. Upon receiving the news that she has become contagious and will die, she wants to take them with her and sets about destroying them, only to find out that they can all be saved.

Lyn Moloney

Lyn Moloney has lived most of her life in Australia, but she has travelled the world extensively and has lived in London for quite a few years. Lyn has had many experiences, some she should not have had, and many she really enjoyed. Lyn has three siblings, two children and two grandchildren. She now is retired and lives in Central Coast, New South Wales.

Austin Macauley Publishers