This image is the cover for the book Adventures into Danger

Adventures into Danger

The explosion blasted Slick clear across the road. The rest of the team opened heavy gunfire onto the enemy in the falling-down house. Slick is an ex-special forces operative who now leads the sort of operations that the US Military cannot carry out themselves. Who is Slick and where did he come from? Will he survive this blast and live to have many more adventures? Read this exciting book to find out.

Simon Clarke

Simon served in the RAF for 12 years as an aircraft airframe maintenance engineer. After leaving the RAF, Simon moved from aircraft maintenance into aircraft design. Simon does have gaps in his resume but is not prepared to talk about them. "Some jobs are of a sensitive nature," is the best response that one can gain when he is questioned. Simon is also an accomplished pilot and motorcycle rider. Simon has, for years, an avid interest in all things technical, especially in new design and the technology of tomorrow. Simon wrote his first book in 2011.

Austin Macauley Publishers