This image is the cover for the book Ordained to Die

Ordained to Die

They are coming! Run!

The governors now rule the territories, finalizing and strategizing as they have been preparing for eons against an immortal enemy. Panacia seeks to strengthen its power and makes deals. Janacia seeks peace and prepares in fear of what is to come. Yet, as hostility steadily grows between the powerful continents, the secret to saving it all might lie in the hands of one desert tribe-woman kidnapped from her home by the king in the mountains. Will she make it out alive?

V. Smith

V. Smith is a mythical, fantasy, and historical author; who writes exhilarating and gripping adult multi-cultural novels; that are both abundant and rewarding for audiences across the globe. Dive into the fantasy and live the reality as the characters are put through impossible trials to overcome while standing at death’s door.

Austin Macauley Publishers