This image is the cover for the book PULSE, PULSE Vampires Series

PULSE, PULSE Vampires Series

If you like Anne Rice, Sarah Maas, and Neil Gaiman's fantasy books, you'll love Kailin Gow's epic fantasies like this one. Kalina didn't know her boyfriend was a vampire until the night he died... From the ALA YALSA Award-winning author of the Bitter Frost Series, soon to be a game and a film, and the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award winning FADE Series, in development as a film, comes... Kalina didn't know her boyfriend was a vampire until the night he died of a freak accident. She didn't know he came from a long line of vampires until the twilight night she was visited by his half-brothers Jaegar and Stuart Greystone. There were a lot of secrets her boyfriend didn't tell her. Now she must discover them in order to keep alive. But having two half-brothers vampires around had just gotten interesting. READING ORDER for The PULSE Series PULSE Life's Blood Blood Burn Blue Blood The PULSE Papers Blood Bond Blood Legacy Blood Rights Blood Curse Blood Ring Ring of Ice (Beyond the Crystal River) THE BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD SERIES - Origin of Octavius and the Greystone Brothers Brotherhood of Blood The Bitter Frost Series - Now Filming! Bitter Frost Forever Frost Silver Frost Frost Kisses Midnight Frost Frost Fire Enchanted Frost The Wolf Fey The Red Wolf Wolf Magic

Kailin Gow

Kailin Gow is a million-selling author who has written and published close to 700 books under her name and various pen names in multiple genres since 2001. She is also an award-winning filmmaker whose films has screened all over the world including Cannes, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Japan, Korea, India, Germany, and Greece. Her books Bitter Frost and PULSE Vampires have been made into video games and is currently filming as featured films. She has been named as the most prolific Asian American author, and has been quoted as the representative for AAPI Heritage Week. Currently, two of her book series, Red Genesis, co-written by Kira G. and her science fiction romance series FADE have been optioned by the Netflix Top 2 Overall film production company Wish Dragon. She is set to write and direct the AAPI diverse cast featured film of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. As an actress, she is currently in pre-production to star in 4 AAPI-led films, including her enemies-to-lover novel based on her relative’s ramen factory called Ramen Romance and her real-life experience as an author who has organized some of the biggest book signing events in her novel Love Letters from Las Vegas. Go to tfor updates and news.