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Blind Ambition

As a child, Ever Lee Hairston faced one disappointment after the other. A product of share-cropping parents and raised on one of the biggest plantations in the South, Ever allowed those disappointments to diminish her self-confidence and sully her self-esteem. Not to mention, that for years, the young Ever hid a terrible secret, which she hadn’t told anyone – not her family, her friends, her teachers, and as she got older, even her employers. Ever Lee didn’t want to accept that she was slowly losing her eyesight. As darkness began to envelop her, and inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ever eventually decided to stop feeling sorry for herself and face her fears. Through two turbulent marriages, a host of setbacks, and a life that was getting harder and harder to manage, Ever encountered defeats, but was determined not to be defeated. Now, decades after she lost her eyesight, her powerful story is one of inspiration and ambition….and helping others realize their lives have purpose as they reach their full potential in spite of any obstacles in their paths.

Ever Lee Hairston

Ever Lee Hairston serves on the Board of Directors for the National Federation of the Blind. The third of seven children, she is a product of the segregated South. After her failing eyesight kept her from realizing her dream of becoming a nurse, she began working as a teacher. At the age of twenty-nine, facing total blindness, with a failed marriage, a child to raise alone, and uncertainty about future employment, Ever Lee changed her attitude and changed her life. After attending the Louisiana Center for the Blind, the North Carolina Central University graduate, began integrating blindness skills into her everyday life. A resident of California, she continues to devote tireless hours mentoring and advocating for the blind.

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