This image is the cover for the book Different Minds

Different Minds

Magic realism, science fiction, and romance converge in a Lebanese author’s novel about a woman’s journey of the heart, mind, and soul.

Cassandra Kelly is still grappling with her mother’s death. Attending university has only made it more difficult for the shy and withdrawn Cassandra to cope. She’s ridiculed by one male student, and all but invisible to the man she desires from afar. Then, Cassandra’s life takes a startling turn—when she plans to ends it. Just as astonishing, a woman named Julie suddenly awakens from a coma. Cassandra awakens, too. But now Cassandra is seeing the world in a whole new light. Through the eyes of a stranger.

Two souls have melded. For Cassandra, two lives must be led. With her own mind and memories, she’s living in Julie’s world now. And it comes with Julie’s problems, including an impending marriage to the one man Cassandra can’t abide. What unbelievable secrets must she hide? And which must she surrender to find the true love she’s lived two lifetimes to call her own?

Joyce E. Rayess

Joyce E. Rayess, winner of several creative drawing awards, is originally from Lebanon and wrote her first novel at age thirteen.

Morgan James Publishing