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Hellbound, The Hell Chronicles

Both Thor and Loki want me to kneel. Two of the most powerful beings in the cosmos want me. But who can I trust? Sif is reeling from the latest battle. It's been five years since the dark elves invaded, and although the gods have rewound time, they've left humanity to its own survival. But Sif's decided to take her badass Valkyrie training and help. She's sneaking out of Asgard with the help of Heimdall to clean up the mess that the gods won't touch, disarming and slaying dark elves to protect humanity. Yet, Sif’s trips have repercussions that Lady Hel uses to her advantage. In this fight of betrayal and redemption, broken promises, bad magic, and enmity are all the ingredients needed to spark another battle and unveil hidden secrets. How can you trust those who betray you? Enjoy all of the books in The Hell Chronicles series: ·Hell for the Holidays, Book 0 ·Hellish, Book 1 ·Hellbent, Book 2 ·Helltown, Book 3 ·Hellbound, Book 4 ·Hellraiser, Book 5 This series is best enjoyed when read in order. Readers who enjoy dystopian fantasy fiction with Norse mythology, rising romantic tensions, and action and adventure will adore this fascinating series of gods, monsters and heroes by USA Today bestselling author Tina Glasneck.

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Tina Glasnck is a USA Today bestselling author of mythic fiction, paranormal romance, and dystopian fantasy starring Norse gods, like Loki, Thor. She enjoys creating dynamic and action packed tales inspired by Norse mythology and folklore. In 2021, she was accepted into the Writers on the Moon project. Tina's work will be launched to the Moon in a lunar time capsule as part of the Writers on the Moon payload in Astrobotic's Peregrine One mission. When Tina is not researching mythological creatures like dragons or shapeshifters, legends or folklore, she can be found discussing time travel, vampires, and Norse mythology. One day she hopes to travel to Asgard and see what all the fuss is about. Tina is described as a “must-read” by her readers, who say that “history seems to come alive as nothing in the past did for me before,” and “holy cow, I cannot wait to read the rest of her books.” Each book is a “fantastic story filled with history, mystery, wonder and time travel,” are “dense with character, detail, action, emotion, intrigue,” and are “one journey you don't want to miss!” Her readers agree: “I was pulled into this story so fast, and so deeply, that I forgot I was reading. I forgot everything around me and sank into the world that Tina Glasneck has created.”

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